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22 Jan Exhibition

SUPERFLEX solo show at Peter Blum
Photo: Superflex
Excerpts from press release from Peter Blum:
Peter Blum is pleased to announce the exhibition SUPERFLEX: Flooded McDonald's

The exhibition Flooded McDonald's comprises three of SUPERFLEX's most recent film projects. In Flooded McDonald's (2009), the centerpiece of the show, a meticulously reconstructed true-to-life replica of the interior of a McDonald's restaurant gradually floods with water - no customers or staff are present. Slowly, the water level rises until eventually the space becomes completely submerged. The 21-minutes film is not a specific critique of McDonald's or the workings of a multinational company, but instead examines the consequences of consumerism. While the film remains open to interpretation it touches on such issues as climate change and natural disasters.

The four-part video work The Financial Crisis (I-IV) (2009) approaches the current financial breakdown as a psychosis that can be treated therapeutically via hypnosis. A professional hypnotist takes the viewer through four different stages of the crisis (The Invisible Hand, George Soros, You, Old Friends). The hypnotherapeutic narrative ranges from enthrallment in the system of speculation to complete loneliness from having lost everything.

Burning Car (2007) - the first film by SUPERFLEX depicts an empty car on fire. Filmed in a single long take, with a deadpan cinematic approach that features smooth panning shots and close-ups, Burning Car plays with the seductive vocabulary of car advertisements. The film can be seen as a response to the riots sweeping through Western Europe in 2005-2007, and media depictions of political unrest. In many ways, it confronts the cheap sensationalism that turned the burning car into a potent symbol for disorder.

Flooded McDonald's is co-produced by South London Gallery, Oriel Mostyn Gallery & Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, with support from Danish Film Institute
Burning Car, is co-produced by De Vleeshal
The Financial Crisis (I-IV) is commissioned by Frieze Foundation for Frieze Film & Channel 4
All 3 films are produced by Propeller Group

Peter Blum, Chelsea
526 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

Below please find the exhibition reviews so far:

Brooklyn Rail

Time Out New York

New Yorker

Village Voice

Info and contact for the gallery:
Peter Blum, Chelsea
526 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
T: +1(212) 244-6055

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