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05 Apr Group Exhibition

Supergas, Emergencies, MUSAC
Photo: MUSAC
MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Spain.

Emergencies offers an extensive collective exhibition which gathers together some of the works from the MUSAC collection. Under this epilogue, the exhibit attempts to incite the spectator's reflection on the pressing issues that currently plague our society: from the destruction of the environment, to armed conflicts, pandemics, etc.

The objective of this exhibit is to increase the spectator's awareness of the urging realities that take place in the world. Thus, it actively considers open questions that may have been overlooked, immersed in a society of well-being where it is hard for one to distinguish between a media image that shows hunger in Africa and a perfume advertisement. At this point one loses sight of the thin line that separates what is supposedly the First and the Third World.

However, Emergencies is not only an exhibition. At this time, an initial book-catalogue will also be published that includes the images in the exhibition and basic general information as well as critical texts which offer an overall view of what is occurring around us, aware that not all of the "emergencies" on the planet are reflected here. As a result, one can come to understand not only a collection of contemporary art, but also the critical situations in the world, which are expressed by artistic creations. Apart from the documentary and research material, it will also include texts by the artists themselves that seek to propose solutions to the adversities surrounding us, as wells as utopian contributions to a better future. Later on, another book will be published that includes the record of all activities related to Emergencies conducted during the four months of the exhibition.
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