Activities/Superdanish / Collective Creativity, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel


01 May Group Exhibition

Superdanish / Collective Creativity, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel
Photo: Nils Klinger
The exhibition deals with different forms of collective artistic creativity whose protagonists share common programs, ways of life, methodologies or political standpoints. Although the work of collectives is in many ways determined by certain historical, existential, intellectual or political contexts, the exhibition is interested in specific kinds of social tensions that serve as a common axis around which various group activities are being organized.

Exploring procedures, standpoints, effects, strategies, and social possibilities of collective activity, the exhibition attempts to outline different forms of collectivity inevitably generated by group work. In the focus are therefore different emancipatory aspects of collective work where collaborative creativity is not only a form of resisting the dominant art system and capitalism call for specialization, but also a productive and performative criticism of social institutions and politics. Which strategies are taken by collectives in public space, which alternative forms of «sociability» are generated, in which ways do they occupy and change the system and the conditions of production and representation, how do they affect the social order?

The “Collective Creativity” does not see group activity solely in terms of the scope and efficiency of tools used in attempts to change sociopolitical situation; it also traces paradoxes of self-sufficient enjoyment in group work, which inevitably overcomes and betrays its own instrumentality and use value.

The question “what” is an attempt to trace specific moments of collective artistic creativity and the conditions in which it has been generated, the question “how” insists on the potential of the traditional “white cube” exhibition to articulate critical discourse, and in relation to that, the question “for whom” is being resolved in the creative interactions between art institution as a polygon for support of interchange among artists and their social and intellectual environments in search for new international movement for social change.
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