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And Yet It Moves

Tagged: hypnosis
In collaboration with: Rasmus Koch Studio
Year: 2017

During the 16th century the long-held view that Earth was the stationary centre of the universe was challenged by Renaissance scientists.

This came to a standstill with the 1633 trial of Galileo Galilei, in which the major spiritual, political and economical force of that time, the Catholic church, tried to silence such scientists.

Using a simple telescope as well as observing the movement of a pendulum, Galileo Galilei concluded that the Earth is rotating around the sun.

Threatened with torture and death Galilei was forced to retract his conclusion but supposedly added the final words: “And yet it moves.”

Today the dominant force –and perhaps religion– is Capitalism. Similar to the 17th century, we are still unable to even fathom alternatives to the current narrative, as if we were hypnotised to believe only in this market driven ideology.

And Yet It Moves is comprised of a gigantic swinging steel pendulum under which the audience are invited to lie on a large and soft carpet. Made with a colour scheme inspired by a selection of banknotes, the carpet appears as a flickering bed of currency where a state of apathy seems to occur.

The pendulum appears with a polished finish in which audience are mirrored fully absorbed by the colours of money. As the beliefs of the bishops and priests were set in stone so seems our current belief in a fixed system of commodified life.

And yet the pendulum moves!

Carpet design in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio.

And Yes It Moves/Euro, installation view at Copenhagen Contemporary 2018

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