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If Value Then Copy

In collaboration with: Copenhagen Brains
Year: 2017

If Value Then Copy is a series of triptycs with a motif of the text “If value then copy”. 

First conceived as a slogan for the work COPYSHOP, 2005 it now takes shape as a transforming black and white work on canvas.

Each edition in the series is unique and shows an increasingly distorted version of the design in a chronological order. From the original 100 photocopies were made –each a copy of the preceding one– and a selection of every tenth copy was chosen to descripe the evolution of copies. 

The first edition featuring the original design is handpainted with the following editions being printed to represent the nature of the analogue photocopy machine, originally bought and used in the first COPYSHOP in Copenhagen.

Photo: Conradin Frei/von Bartha

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