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Liverpool To Let

For the Liverpool Biennial 2012 SUPERFLEX created a new work – Liverpool To Let.

Liverpool To Let is an installation comprising 46 different hand-painted banners, replicating as many "to let" signs disseminated across the city centre of Liverpool. These life-sized replicas have been crafted so as to perfectly mirror the original style, colours, composition and design of the real commercial adverts. At first the viewer can hardly notice any difference between these artefacts and their ink-jet printed industrial counterparts. The banners have been collectively painted by a team of volunteers and job-seekers.

The series comments on a goldmine of office-space opportunities: a real paradise for new businesses and enterprises at the heart of the financial district of Liverpool. Estate agents advertise this area as a "prime location" and, indeed, the beauty, monumentality and centrality of its buildings appear to provide an ideal setting for any financial start-up or established firm. 

Nevertheless, this excess of advertised office-space is vaguely sinister. The area is in fact largely vacant, subjected, as it were, to a continuous hemorrhagic financial and commercial exodus. The multitude of "to let" signs, sprouting from every corner in this prestigious location, seem to suggest that developers (once a flourishing industry) hold more built space in their hands than what is in fact needed by the community.

More info about the Biennial:
Liverpool Biennal, Programme

Liverpool Biennal, Artists

Curated by Lorenzo Fusi & Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial
The work was produced by and thanks to: Donna Berry, Amalia Bisanti, Victoria Charlton, Simon Job, Matthew Kel, Mark Jones, Alessandro Leggio, Collette Lilley, Matthew Lloyd, David Martin, Neil McAdam, Charlotte Mears, Valentina Menegatti, Jess Rowe, Emma Walsh, Jessica Stanley  

Photo: Superflex

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15 Sep
Group Exhibition

7th Liverpool Biennial, 2012


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