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10 Dec Group Exhibition

SUPERFLEX / TOOLS/ Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Photo: Superflex
In December 1999 SUPERFLEX invited users of SUPERGAS, SUPERCHANNEL and Karlskrona2 tools to present (in any form) their use of any of these tools in the Tools exhibition; the users were: Klaus Høyer, Birgitte Feiring (see interviews) and Mgumia (SUPERGAS), Rune Nielsen and Troels Degn Johans-son as users of Karlskrona2, and Supa Mikes, the Coronation Court Channel organisers and Situscience (SUPERCHANNEL). An introductory video (by SUPERFLEX) to SUPERGAS, Karlskrona2, and SUPERCHANNEL were screened in the gallery cinema.
Complementing the introductory video by SUPERFLEX, Nielsen and Johansson installed a news group for discussions around city planning in the virtual space. During this the possibilities for a ‘Wolfsburg2’ were also discussed.
Birgitte Feiring presented a typical development aid office set-up, humorously highlighting some of the problems ex-
perienced in the collaboration between SUPERFLEX and SURUDE. Supa Mikes presented an example of a live broadcast on SUPERCHANNEL, promoting Reggae culture and 
giving reasons for using SUPERCHANNEL. Rune Nielsen 
and Troels Degn Johansson set up a discussion forum for 
Karlskrona2. During the exhibition live broadcasts were produced on SUPERCHANNEL by Situscience, presenting their theory for individual and community participation in SUPERCHANNEL.

Footnote: In February 2000 Rune Nielsen came to Wolfsburg to conduct a number of interviews with city planners and journalists. There he also acquired a digital map of the city.

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