Activities/One Two Three Swing! permanent installation at Vordingborg Vandhus


30 Sep - 27 Feb Launch

One Two Three Swing! permanent installation at Vordingborg Vandhus
Photo: Superflex

A version of One Two Three Swing! has been designed specifically for the Vordingborg Vandhus, and will be the very first permanent installation of the work. Comprised of modular, three-seated swing sets conjoined by a zig-zagging orange frame, One Two Three Swing! invites its users to activate the socially transformative potential of collective movement. The swings will be located at the front of the building and continue in the back, suggesting a rippling of social momentum throughout the vandhus and out into the greater community, connecting the work to its other iterations around the world. The work thus activates the public space where it is installed as a space of collective play, action, and energy.

One Two Three Swing! was originally commissioned by Hyundai for TATE Modern in 2017 and was conceived as a recurring project, appearing in new locations all over the world.


One Two Three Swing! is developed in close collaboration with; graphic design and identity was developed by Rasmus Koch Studio; structural engineering by Betar; technical design and production by Nupergo.

One Two Three Swing! Vordingborg Vandhus would not have been possible without the unconditional support of the Vordingborg Council and The Danish Arts Foundation. Courtesy NILS STÆRK, Copenhagen.

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