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Participation Contract

For the 2013 annual ‘Folkemødet’ – an event where people and politicians meet to debate – SUPERFLEX is invited by the newspaper Politiken and KL, the organization of municipalities to participate in their debates about local democracy. SUPERFLEX’s proposal is a contract between Politiken and KL as The Organizers and the people attending as The Participant. A Participant can chose between a contract of Active Participation or one of Passive Participation. In each contract the parties agree to follow a set of rules, facilitating an either active or passive engagement of the debate, which features member of the Danish parliament.

When entering the venue of the debate the audience must choose to sign one of the two contracts. The actual space of the venue is divided by a fence, which physically segregates the active participants from the passive participants.

‘Folkemødet’ 2013 takes place in the town of Allinge, Bornholm. It begins on Thursday 13th of June and finishes Sunday 16th of June. All events are free of charge. 

Photo: Superflex

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