Activities/Supergas / Biogas in Africa, Cruising, Kunstforeningen


10 Feb Group Exhibition

Supergas / Biogas in Africa, Cruising, Kunstforeningen
Photo: Superflex
The installation included a presentation of clothes designed by SUPERFLEX and Aase Hansen, later worn in Tanzania in autumn 1997. There were also sketches of the future biogas project on the wall and a presentation by the Ugandan artist, Rose Namubiru Kimuvira. A text presented Rose’s view of the idea of the biogas principle.
In addition there was a cardboard cow (5 x 4 metres) displayed in the exhibition space. A flame was symbolically coming out of the cow’s rear. The image of the cow was taken from the SURUDE logo and the flame was added by SUPERFLEX. On the reverse side of the cow Rose presented her perception of the relation between aesthetics and function in a Ugandan context. She constructed various tools, for instance wooden vessels with symbolic patterns, and fixed them onto the cow. At the opening of the show an African dish was served from a large pot over a gas flame.

One art critic accused SUPERFLEX of just riding on a “post-colonial wave”. Others said they couldn’t cook in the exhibition space because there was another artist already doing this.
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