Activities/Supergas at Louisiana Museum, Denmark


11 Nov Group Exhibition

Supergas at Louisiana Museum, Denmark
Photo: Superflex
For an exhibition at the Louisiana Museum in Humlebæk, Denmark, SUPERFLEX contributed with documentation of the first installation of their biogas system in Africa, combined with video interviews with SURUDE, also showing the installation process.

The Tanzanian graphic designer Mgumia was invited to 
illustrate his perception of SUPERFLEX’s biogas project. The Mgumia paintings were presented in the form of 2 light boxes (each 2 x 3 metres) and a poster showing campaign material was offered to the audience. In addition, texts, photos, drawings, an aquarium with a number of goldfish, and the orange biogas balloon introduced viewers to the project.

A small booklet described the project, including anthropological and economical aspects; it also contained a text by Mohammed Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank) on micro-credits.
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