Activities/Supergas at Artheneum Museum, Helsinki


10 Dec Group Exhibition

Supergas at Artheneum Museum, Helsinki
Photo: Superflex

SUPERFLEX were invited to Helsinki by two different institutions: The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, and Artheneum Museum (now KIASMA). One exhibition was located in a post office using the function and the infrastructure of this institution. It was primarily used as an information centre about the biogas project. The other exhibition was located in the Artheneum Museum. SUPERFLEX presented the biogas project in Tanzania, using basically the same material as in the Louisiana exhibition but showing it in 
a different set-up. Additionally they showed a large video-
projection of the first biogas test in Tanzania. In front of the 
projection they placed the orange balloon, an information table, and goldfish in an aquarium (as at Louisiana, Museum of Contemporary Art). SUPERFLEX made use of the different possibilities the post office and the museum offered. While people didn’t view the information stand in the post office as art, the presentation in the museum certainly was viewed as such. In each case the context was crucial to the public’s perception of the project. The goldfish (the neat, aero-dynamic formula one version) swimming in the aquarium have become an integral part of most of SUPERFLEX’s presentations. They create a relaxed atmosphere where people should feel comfortable to go through all the materials SUPERFLEX offer in their installations.

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