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Superchannel / Supa Mike
Photo: Superflex
Copenhagen based promoter of Jamaican culture Supa Mika of Sky Juice Sound System is broadcasting at

“Also, I wanna tell you that you’re tuned into and we’re in the studios of Situflex 11B Blaagaardsgade, and this is a show where you can interact, so, for the people that get – you know – feel like, you know, ya’ like the vibes, and things like that, that become cut up – stay tuned, you get cut up again, and I’m going to tell you something, you interact with ME, that you can go on your keyboard, you can go into the chat room, and TYPE on your computer, and ask me any question you WANT, or you can tell me anything you wanna tell me … Right about now we was tuning into Don Penn, and we’re going to continue with Don Penn, and a thing called, No, No, No, for all you reggae fans all over the world, if ya’ calling in from Brazil, Ecuador, talking about Germany, I’m also talking about Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark where we’re sending from, this is … Don Penn.” (Music)
- Supa Mike

Supa Mikes interviews Natasja Saad from Esben M. Nielsen on Vimeo.

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