Activities/Superchannel / First Superchannel, Artspace 1%, Copenhagen


01 Aug Launch

Superchannel / First Superchannel, Artspace 1%, Copenhagen
Photo: Superflex
Artspace 1% invited SUPERFLEX to present an exhibition from May to July, for which SUPERFLEX proposed an open internet TV studio. SUPERFLEX posted the studio schedule in the display window of the gallery, thereby inviting the public to “directly engage in the creation and evolution of content”. During the two and a half months of the exhibition, people could sign up for broadcasting. The offer turned out to be most attractive to DJs, artists, anthropologists, psychologists and music promoters.

Footnote: In August 1999 (until March 2000) the channel moved to SUPERFLEX’s office at Frederiksholmskanal, where numerous discussions on the organisational structure took place. In June 2000 SUPERFLEX and Sean Treadway formed the company SUPERCHANNEL APS. Through the experiences in Artspace 1%, SUPERFLEX and Sean felt there was potential in the diversification of SUPERCHANNEL. They decided to initiate and encourage more specific channels.

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