Activities/SUPERFLEX at Bard College, NY


01 Mar Group Exhibition

SUPERFLEX at Bard College, NY
Photo: Superflex
SUPERGAS / SUPERCHANNEL / SUPERFLEX in company/economic potentials, CCS Bard
College, New York, USA.

SUPERFLEX was invited by Tracee Williams, a student from a curatorial course, to realise a project at the Bard College.
SUPERFLEX offered the students the possibility of developing one of the projects further. Tracee Williams was interested in biogas and through discussions, economic issues around the biogas project came up. The department for developing economies was asked to join the project. They focused on research into economic models in relation to the SUPERGAS biogas system. One student, Mini, included these subjects in her thesis.
SUPERCHANNEL was used to discuss the biogas project with the students before SUPERFLEX’s arrival in N.Y.
The exhibition was located in the entrance hall of the college, which functions as a meeting point. Mini gave a presentation on micro-credit systems and other matters relating to the subject. Additionally there was an exhibition of the biogas tool with the balloon text diagrams and videos by SUPERFLEX and a workshop offered by them for interested students from the economics department.

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