Activities/Superchannel / Coronation Court, Blue Coat Gallery, Video Positive, Liverpool


03 Mar Group Exhibition

Superchannel / Coronation Court, Blue Coat Gallery, Video Positive, Liverpool
Photo: Superflex
The exhibition was divided into two parts: most importantly a studio was opened in the Coronation Court tower block. At the same time, in the Blue Coat Gallery SUPERFLEX showed video-interviews with the residents of the tower block and, on a free-standing wall, a large-format photoprint of the building. On the other side of the wall, there was written information about the project, photographs of the tenants in their studio, and the schedule of the TV programmes they were making.
Additionally two computers where visitors could participate online were arranged on a table together with a goldfish aqua-rium. The gallery was used as a public presentation space to introduce the basic ideas of the project. It also functioned as a discussion space. The architects (BIQ) drawing up the refurbishment plans for Coronation Court were invited by SUPERFLEX to take part in the exhibition. They brought in classical architectural drawings and texts were displayed on the table. Public meetings were held in the exhibition space during live broadcasts from Coronation Court.
The exhibition in the gallery ran for two months, the studio in the tower block is still thriving.

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