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10 Aug Group Exhibition

Superchannel / EUROPA?
Photo: Superflex
Because of the specific political situation in Austria SUPERFLEX decided to install the SUPERCHANNEL. They wanted to initiate discussions on the recent political situation in Europe and especially in Austria. The studio was installed in a box-like building outside – but close to – the Kunsthalle. The building had a display window made to look like a huge orange monitor. The opening hours were from 5–10 p.m.
During the exhibition flyers were distributed in the public space to announce SUPERCHANNEL and its possibilities. On one side there was a blank form to fill in if people wanted to propose their own channel, on the other side there was an introduction to SUPERCHANNEL and an invitation to use it.
Before the project started in Vienna SUPERFLEX undertook preliminary research to find some facilitators/cooperation partners for SUPERCHANNEL. The channel was then given to students from the Academy (part of the resistance-group), to poli-tical scientists and Radio Orange. Over a period of three months a number of shows were produced, like the series ‘Resistance Wear’.

The studio was an open access situation focusing on the current political and democratic developments in Europe. The channel was hosted by kunsthalle wien.
Groups, institutes or individuals that have a specific interest in the discussion could broadcasts from here.

"We invite you to participate in the discussion either through direct interaction during live shows, the discussion groups or by making your own show. We also invite you to use the superchannel studio at kunsthalle Vienna in the period 25 may until 17 september for your own activites and to get the experience of webcasting, using the technology involved. Visit the studio at kunsthalle vienna or book a broadcast via e-mail, our e-mail is"

Exhibition title: Norden
Institution: Kunsthalle, Vienna

Footnote: A serious problem was that the Kunsthalle was not particularly forthcoming during this period, which in turn made it very difficult for the local partners to use the studio with all its potential; despite this circumstance we want to thank the partners for their enthusiasm and hard work.

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