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10 Apr - 30 Jun Launch

Superchannel / Supereukabeuk TV
Photo: Superflex
Chiangmai Art Museum proudly presents Super Eukabeuk TV, a web – based independent TV channel. SuperEukabeuk TV is initiated by the working group of Eukabeuk, Chiangmai Social Installation, a public art event organized by Chiangmai based artists and cultural workers with an aims to integrate contemporary art in an unconventional spaces around the cities of Chiangmai area. The Eukabeuk team in collaboration with superchannel to create an independent TV station in the website in order to provide a public access to an independent media, and broadcast their independent voices to both local and international community. It is part of the Superchannel project, initiated by SUPERFLEX, with an attempt to give public more access to media for people from every group of interests. It will start to boardcast during the event, “Follow the Footsteps of Traditional Craftmen (Sala)”, organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiangmai University, the CMU Art Museum in cooperation with the City of Chiangmai on the 10th April, 2002 at 5 p.m. onwards.

As the Chiang Mai Art Museum is approaching the notion of making the museum as a place for a cultural-together learning process as well as a place that can prepare resources for net-work of people to develop their own cultural definitions in relation closely to value of life, and believe, it is important that the Chiang Mai Art Museum has to have its own media. This media will gather together all artists, social a projects, and some new invention of cultural ideas, and their outcomes in the northern province of Thailand as well as from other parts of the country.

Cultural activists will be presenting their projects in the museum and also give us their project motivations, and ideas - then we will keep them as the museum archive. All activities are welcomed to use this channel- no matter they are individuals or groups. This channel will also be a place that people can create some online projects in art. And it also will help supporting the E-Learning project in art and culture of the Department of Fine Arts, other departments. Other cultural projects from other universities in the northern province are welcomed to this channel as well.

Super – Eukabeuk TV locates at the 1st Floor of CMU Art Museum. Participants of the SuperEukabeuk TV consisted of different groups of community including with craftmen, Midnight University Project, theather groups, NGOs Upper Northern Area network, artists/ art students with their initiatives TV programs to name a few. The opening will be a presentation of the project, and the introduction of the on – going activities which will run regularly during the three months period.

For those who’s interested in voicing your opinion, and needs to participate in this project both with live broadcast and / or archive, pls. Feel free to contact A. Uthit Atimana, Narumol Thammapruksa at the museum during office hours. For further information about the SuperEukabuek TV pls. visit the website WWW.SUPERCHANNEL.ORG and WWW. CMU – Office Hour ; 9.30 – 5 p. m everyday except Mondays and Holidays.

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