Activities/Starplay by SUPERFLEX in the planetarium at Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, Norway.


23 Jun Release

Starplay by SUPERFLEX in the planetarium at Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, Norway.
"He has painted his face with shoe polish and robs the bank with a starting pistol from the speedway track"

Vitenfabrikken in collaboration with art consultant Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh and Sandnes Municipality, invited SUPERFLEX to create a work for Vitenfabrikken. SUPERFLEX has responded by launching an entirely new genre, which has been dubbed "starplay", created specifically for Vitenfabrikkens planetarium. CRIMETIME presents the audience with the dimension of time travel, but it is not the creation of the universe SUPERFLEX highlights. We meet rather the very local story about "Speedway Stig", a notorious member of the criminals "west land mafia" which for years ravaged Jæren on the Norwegian west coast.

Rasmus Nielsen of SUPERFLEX says:
-In CRIMETIME we see the world in a cosmic perspective. We show how the stars were exactly that morning in 1999 when Speedway Stig robbed the bank in Nærbø. We use the planetarium as a large magnifying glass and focus in 90 seconds of local history
SUPERFLEX has found insipiration in Thomas Ergo's great documentary book "Kjeltringer" (Nordic Crime Chronicle, 2008) and is thus based on events that actually took place in Jæren ten years ago. But in the starplay CRIMETIME it is the audience itself that controls time - so it feels, while the stars pass through above.

Sven Gundersen from Vitenfabrikken says:
"We have always been very interested in the time here at Vitenfabrikken. The planetarium can travel thousands of years back and forth, but in this story it is a bank robbers stopwatch that is vital. So what time is it that is important in a historical perspective? This is just one of the questions that this story asks."

"On Focus Bank on the square in Nærbø clock is still ticking. Speedway Stig wants the money, he wants all the money"

CRIMETIME can be viewed at the at the planetarium at Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes from 23/06/2010

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