Activities/█████████/RESUME - Research in North Korea


07 Nov - 14 Nov Research

█████████/RESUME - Research in North Korea

In the occation of a █████████ solo show at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Eungie Joo was invited to curate. She decided that her contribution to the exhibition was to travel with █████████ to North Korea.


Eungie Joo:

In 2002, I invited █████████ to determine whether their biogas system could be adapted for North Korea. A trip was planned, but never realized. For █████████/RESUME, I asked the artists to finally travel with me to restart this idea. By reviving a latent project, the retrospective speculates into the future as a way to reconsider the past. From 7 to 14 November 2013, █████████ and I travelled to Pyongyang on a visit organized by my mother, Dr. Pilju Kim Joo, an agronomist dedicating her life to long term agricultural development and food security in North Korea for 25 years. Together we visited Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, where she teaches; three cotton farms which she manages through the non-governmental organization she founded; a test farm during the napa cabbage and daikon radish harvest; Mansudae Art Studio; Baekdusan Architecture Association; the factory that produces socks for all Pyongyang citizens; and a model farm where a medium scale biogas system provides cooking gas for 300 homes.


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