Activities/Investment Bank Flowerpots/Deutsche Bank Hyoscyamus Niger


01 Jun - 30 Aug Public Art

Investment Bank Flowerpots/Deutsche Bank Hyoscyamus Niger
Photo: Anders Sune Berg. Courtesy ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

The ARoS Art Museum stages its inaugural ARoS Triennial, THE GARDEN – End of Times; Beginning of Times. Explored in 3 iterations, the themes will reflect upon humanity’s depictions and alterations of nature. THE GARDEN will be the largest exhibition staged by the museum and within the city of Aarhus. Spread over several venues around the city, including the two main gallery spaces at the ARoS and along 4 km of coastline surrounding the city, the Triennial will feature work by a range of international artists.

SUPERFLEX will take part in 'The Future' - a series of outdoor installations along the Aarhus coast line. It will unravel the new challenges faced by man on the threshold of the anthropocene age, an era that punctures our nostalgic picture of man’s special relationship to nature, with nature as a passive Romantic entity.

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