Activities/Deep Sea Minding


19 Apr - 22 Dec Research

Deep Sea Minding

In 2018 SUPERFLEX embarks on a three year research project, by taking on the role of Expedition Leaders in TBA21–Academy’s fellowship program The Current.

The rising surface of the sea, caused by global warming, will radically change human as well as marine life’s condition on planet Earth. Man-made environments as well as land based nature will be submerged. The shores will move and humans as well as fish will migrate. Before this happens, SUPERFLEX wish to engage in a process of listening to the not so silent Sea. Through research and underwater convenings, SUPERFLEX aims to communicate with marine life and obtain true insight into underwater life’s deepest desires and feelings in order to prepare for when they become the new inhabitants of our present land based environment.

As Expedition Leaders, SUPERFLEX wishes to gather all the relevant knowledge to facilitate the dreams of the inhabitants of our future cities -fish, coral and all other marine creatures. “We will ask them what sort of cities they would want when they come to us, sometime in the future”

Structures will be developed on the basis of communication with the underwater creatures and printed out for experiments carried out on in the waters surrounding Hunga Tonga, the worlds newest Island in the South Pacific. A perfect site where time ends and begins.

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