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19 Jun - 30 Dec Public Art

Herlev Hospital

SUPERFLEX are pleased to announce that the new public project at Herlev Hospital. The first part of the project will be realized late 2019. 

Pear Carrot Potato Garlic Strawberry Broccoli

SUPERFLEX announces an installation of sculptures projected for the surrounding grounds of Herlev Hospital in Denmark, in the context of its extensive expansion and renovation. Pear Carrot Potato Garlic Strawberry Broccoli consists of six large scale objects of common vegetables, as subjects in a dialogue between home remedies and scientific medicine.

With Pear Carrot Potato Garlic Strawberry Broccoli, SUPERFLEX aims to analyse the connections between ancient mythology and modern science. Each one of these vegetables has been used in home remedies which a strong mythical component: a dried pear located behind the ears seemed to cure headaches or a sliced potato sewn inside the pants supposedly presented rheumatism. The sculptures become a meeting point between old myths and the everyday medicine at the hospital, while acknowledging also the benefits of the plants for our health and its use in modern science for the development of medicines and treatments. A book will complement this dialogue and emphasise the proximities and differences between both worlds. 

The sculptures will be monumental, monochrome and altered representations of these commonly known vegetables and fruits, proposing a new relationship between plants and visitors. Pear Carrot Potato Garlic Strawberry Broccoli are scaled up to reach architectonic proportions: a giant strawberry becomes a playground for the children in the Paediatric Department; a carrot sliced in pieces hides a tunnel where people can pass. The use of reflective steel as surface in the severed sections, as well as the use of theatrical lightning, supports an interactive and imaginative approach. The sculptures are also created in white concrete, blending with the area’s buildings while referring, at the same time, to the purity of a classic sculpture. 

In order to produce the large scale sculptures, SUPERFLEX has employed an unusual technique, combining artistic variations of 3D scanning with medical methods, such as MRI. Just as patients being scanned at the hospital, the bodies of the vegetables and plants have been examined thoroughly before deciding on a specific treatment. 
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