Activities/Western Rampart at Matadero Madrid


14 Jun - 05 Oct Group Exhibition

Western Rampart at Matadero Madrid

Western Rampart will be a part of the exhibition 'Eco-visionaries: Art for a planet in a state of emergency' at Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain from 14th June to 6th October 2019. Eco-visionaries is the shared title of an international exhibition project orginally organised by the MAAT, Lisbon. 

Eco-visionaries is an exhibition showcasing artists and architects respond to the urgent environmental crisis threatening our planet. Climate change is becoming ever more obvious and the voices calling for radical action are increasing in number and growing louder. The exhibition puts forward critical and creative visions for storytelling, initiating discussions and devising strategies for surviving in the world to come. 

Read more about the exhibition:

Tagged: climate
Location: Madrid (Spain)

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