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2000 watt Society Contract

For a public art commission for a new housing construction in Zürich build with regards to the 2,000 Watt Society, SUPERFLEX produced a mural in the shape of a contract, the 2000 Watt Society Contract. Originated by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1998, the vision of the 2,000 Watt Society demands that each person in the developed world would cut their over-all rate of energy use to an average of 2,000 watt by the year 2050. The concept addresses not only personal or household energy use but the total for the whole society, divided by the population. The artwork consists of a contract between the residents of the building in Badenerstrasse and the rest of the world.

The contract is in the format of a large-scale white surface (resembling a A4 paper) with black text, mounted onto the building. By formulating this vision in public SUPERFLEX forms a social contract with the inhabitants concerning the ambitions of the 2,000 Watt Society.

Commisioned by Bgz Baugenossen schaft Zurlinden Architecht: pool Architekten Location: Badener Strasse 380, Zürich

Graphic design by Rasmus Koch. Legal consultation by Daniel McClean.

Photo: pool Architekten

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