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Euphoria Now was initially created as the title poster for solo exhibition at von Bartha, Basel.
Background colors are based on the color scheme for the Swiss national banknotes.

In 2016 six paintings have been produced in this ongoing series, each in the color scheme of the notations of these currencies:
US Dollars, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Singapore Dollars, Pound Sterling and Austrailian Dollars. Each painting is thus named after the currency they represent ie Euphoria Now/Euro, Euphoria Now/US Dollars etc . The paintings are made using spray enamal and acrylics.

Design in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio.

Euphoria Now / Danish Kronor Photo: Superflex

Euphoria Now is a series of paintings based on colour schemes of global currencies. Starting with the seven colours of the euro notes, the paintings now exists in several editions to mark the many different currencies and economies that constitute our global market.

The work in its original form was part of the solo exhibition of the same title Euphoria Now! at von Bartha in 2015. The exhibition investigated economic structures and power relations as a form of reality-loss. The conceptual starting point for the Euphoria Now paintings was the discovery of a so-called ‘dream machine’ from the 1970’s. By looking at a series of flickering lights various colour patterns would appear and create a hypnagogic hallucination - supposedly encouraging artistic production. By directly referring to the colours of currencies, SUPERFLEX transferred the concept of the dream machine into contemporary society’s greatest hypnagogic hallucination of all: money.

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16 Nov
Group Exhibition

Euphoria Now at Topotek1


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Euphoria Now

Author: Barbara Steiner, 2015

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