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Experience climate change as a...

As part of the official cultural program in connection with the UN Global Climate Summit, COP 15, in Copenhagen 2009, SUPERFLEX offered a hypnotic group session in which the participants were hypnotized in order to perceive the climate change as cockroach. In order to prolong and maintain the interest in the climate change beyond the time of the summit, five more sessions are planned to happen in the future on different locations concerning different animals. The years selected are milestones in global climate change agreements between various parties, such as G8, UN, and EU, and the sites are all in some level related to the topic of climate change. The animals are either extinct, about to become extinct, are spreading rapidly or carry dangerous diseases. For each event, a print, 70x100 cm, has been produced as a flyer which at the same time functions as a ticket to future events.


  • The Eagle, Dhaka, 2012

  • The Jelly Fish, Rio de Janeiro, 2015

  • The Polar Bear, Møn, 2020

  • The Mosquito, Illulissat, 2025

  • The Mammoth, Zanzibar, 2050

Graphic design by Rasmus Koch Studio

Photo: Superflex

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