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Free Shop

Free Shop takes place in an ordinary shop, anything purchased in the shop by any given customer, while Free Shop is performed, is free of charge. There are no signs or other means of information communicating that merchandises, goods, services, etc. in the shop are free of charge. A customer in the shop may not realize that merchandises, goods and/or services have been purchased for free until the counter clerk gives the customer the bill for the purchase, stating the amount of 0. Performed for the first time in 2003 in Bremen, Germany, Free Shop has since been held in Japan, Poland, Denmark and Norway.

Legal consultation by Daniel McClean

Photo: Superflex

Free Shop

Free Shop will take place in an ordinary commercial shop. Any goods or services purchased in the shop by any given customer when Free Shop is performed are free of charge irrespective of the normal sales price of such goods or services. There must be no sign or other means of information communicating that, or at which times, the goods or services in the shop are free of charge. Nor must the concept of Free Shop or the name SUPERFLEX be mentioned during the event. Accordingly, a customer in Free Shop must not realize that goods and/or services are free of cost before the sales assistant makes out the bill stating the total amount to be zero. There must be no information on display as to who is covering the expenses for Free Shop (including information on other relevant partners or sponsors). The shop must be economically independent of the person or institution that carries out Free Shop. There must be no legal or beneficial interest.


Performance of Free Shop

The limits of Free Shop may designate a maximum total amount of the value of goods and services which may be used when Free Shop is performed, it may also stipulate the period of time in which Free Shop is to be performed. Information about the maximum total amount or the limited time period must not be displayed in any way to the customers in Free Shop.


Documentation of Free Shop

The documentation of the Free Shop will, as discretely as reasonably possible, be documented in photographic images. Documentation of Free Shop must not be undertaken for more than 10% of the time in which Free Shop is performed.

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