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I COPY Therefore I Am

I COPY Therefore I Am is a print series SUPERFLEX produced following the establishment of Copyshop. Copyshop is a shop and information forum challenging the regime of copyright and the idea of intellectual property. Copyshop is an artistic counter-economic strategy that involved producing copies of branded products from multinational corporations. The Copyshop activities questioned issues of market exploitation and originality involved in cultural production. SUPERFLEX altered Barbara Kruger’s 1986 iconic print work "I shop, therefore I am" to read, "I copy, therefore I am”, reproducing the statement on t-shirts and as a full-scale vinyl print for Art Basel in 2011. I COPY Therefore I Am served as a culmination of SUPERFLEX interest in the political and philosophical issues of copyright as a concept – addressing these issues to the contemporary art world of dealing and collecting.

Photo: Superflex

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