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It Is Not The End Of The World

As the Greenland ice sheet is unable to absorb water from the ocean as a result of high temperatures, sea levels will rise in the Northern hemisphere as melt water flows into the ocean, leaving large parts of Northern Europe submerged in The North Sea.

Humans in our current form have roamed this planet for a mere period of 300,000 years – less than 0.01 % of the history of Earth. During our relatively short stay we have managed to create a footprint on the entire ecosystem comparable to that of major natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and meteor impacts.

A dystopian future seems to approach as the end of the era of humans draws nearer. But from a larger perspective, this finality can be questioned. Throughout history Earth has shown its ability to transgress and redefine life again and again, and will most likely do so in a post-human era.

It Is Not The End Of The World is a work by SUPERFLEX that presents the familiar phrase as a LED light sign installation reminiscent of a commercial billboard. The viewer is invited to reflect upon our present role in a world of escalating climate change and an apocalyptic human future while imagining a future world of lively, diverse and perhaps even humanlike lifeforms.

Photo: Torben Eskerod

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