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Like A Force Of Nature

For centuries currency has been a denominator of national identity. In itself without value but sanctioned by a state-like institution, it becomes a tool for exchange and speculation. Designs of currency highlight cultural and national pride in form of events, artefacts or individuals. While coins are produced in metals and alloys, the paper notes are equipped with an additional component: Color. 

The color schemes add a more subtle part of the story, one that represents a common spirit. Combined, the banknotes serve both as an idealised portrait and a placeholder for value. 

Around 300 BCE Indian mathematicians discovered a recurring sequence of numbers in Sanskrit poetry. Later introduced to Western Europe by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, it is known today as the Fibonacci numbers. 

The sequence is descriptive of a mathematical relation of numbers that also appears naturally in all kinds of growth in nature; from patterns of sunflower seeds through leafs of tree branches to fish skin colorations. It seems as it is nature’s blueprint for expansion. 

With Like a Force of Nature, SUPERFLEX merges these two phenomenons into a format of contradiction. The color palette is formed by the Mexican Pesos and a Fibonacci based pattern. The flickering appearance underlines the overwhelming experience of our current economic systems as natural as volcanos or tsunamis, almost like a force of nature. 

Like A Force of Nature in Miami is created in collaboration with Esrawe Studio and Rasmus Koch Studio for Grupo ARCA.

Like A Force of Nature. Photo: César Béjar

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