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Listen To Us

In collaboration with: Rasmus Koch Studio
Year: 2018

Östervångsskolan has been a primary school for the deaf and hearing-impaired since 1871. In 2015, due to lack of facilities as well as enhancement in hearing-aid and implant technologies, the municipality decided to move the school. Östervångsskolan was therefore merged with the larger and regular primary school, Tunaskolan.

For this occasion SUPERFLEX was invited to make a new artwork marking the fusion of the two schools between deaf and hearing cultures. Through workshops and interviews with children from both schools stories about the meeting were dug out and joint together in a large wall tapestry. The central motif of the tapestry shows four deaf students, fists raised in the air, protesting. Their protest banner reads Lyssna på oss, which means Listen to us.

Other student stories also decorate the tapestry, for instance the story of the beloved baguettes or the Tree of Eternity of Östervångsskolan. Patterns from the floor and stairway at the former school also find their way onto the tapestry, as well as the beautiful relief by the entrance to Tunaskolan, which makes a part of the background. 

The finished tapestry hangs in the big dining hall at Tunaskolan/Östervångsskolan.

Dimensions: 9 x 3 m. Woven wool and cotton.

The design of the tapestry is made in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio.

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