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Year: 2005
The shop has merchandises made from different projects of SUPERFLEX, in the form of T-shirts, lighters, posters ect. By that each merchandise represent the "image" of the project more than the content.
Some items included in the shop are Supergas poster from The Land in Chaing Mai, Superchannel Tenantspin poster, SUPERFLEX Music poster, Supercopy copy LaCoste t-shirt, PH5 T-shirt, Social Pudding T-shirt, Guarana Power Glass, Superchannel yo-yo's, Supergas Lighter, Free Shop bag, Foreigners, please donĀ“t leave us alone with the danes T-shirt and more.

The merchandise shop was made for the show Populism 2005 that took place at:
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt
National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Photo: Andrea Stappert

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