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Oil Fountain

Oil Fountain is designed for the town of Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. As is the case for the country as a whole, most of Haugesund’s current wealth springs from the petrochemical industries, which have dominated Norwegian industrial production since the second half of the 20’th century.

The oil barrel of 42 US gallons of crude oil is used as the standard unit of measure by the global oiling industries, both when it comes to the fixing of market prices and in measuring the amount of oil produced. And given the product’s predominant significance on markets, the price of a barrel of crude oil is often used as a key indicator in determining current developments in the global economy.

Oil Fountain
is a monument over the main source of wealth in recent times.  A symbol of the resourcefulness serving both as a foundation of power and a cause for acts of war. 

But few things last forever. Just like the seemingly eternal stream of oil from the free floating barrel might strike as being nothing but an illusion, the source of wealth - in Haugesund and elsewhere - might be running dry.

Size/technical info: 360 cm high, polished brass, steel, electrical pump.

Oil Fountain was proposed by SUPERFLEX to the city of Haugesund in 2008 as part of DYNAMO 08.

The work was designed in close collaboration with Bontec, Denmark.

Photo: Superflex

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