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One Two Three Swing!

One Two Three Swing! is a solo exhibition at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and the first Turbine Hall commission to extend beyond the gallery walls. An orange line connecting dozens of three-seated swings weaves through the Turbine Hall, emerging onto the terrace outside Tate Modern where it will activate the space throughout the day and night and continue to extend over time. 

One Two Three Swing! challenges society’s apathy towards the political, environmental and economic crises of our age. The installation is experienced in three states: apathy, production and movement. The state of apathy compromises a large pendulum suspended by a 20 metre cable from ceiling and swinging above a 770 square metre carpet in a colour scheme inspired by British currency. Occupying the far end of the hall is the state of production, a factory station where swing seats are assembled, stamped and stored prior to distribution and use. Emerging from the state of production, an orange line formed of sets of interconnected, three-seated swings invite and frame the movements of users.

The act of resting in contemplation with the hypnotic pendulum above is set in contrast to the liberating, collaborative experience of swinging together. Over time the work will evolve as the orange line continues to grow and new swings are added into the wider world.

Tate Modern, 2017. Photo: James Morris

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