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Pink Elements

Pink Elements consists of varying configurations of pink, coral-friendly bricks. The bricks are materially aligned with the needs of underwater creatures, their pink colour scientifically known to propagate coral polyp growth. Though angular in shape, each brick houses more organic forms within, porous enough for fish and other aquatic species to burrow. 

The bricks are thus a work of architecture in their own right, but hold the potential to be configured to suit human habitation. When presented on dry land in human spaces, the elements appear as stand-alone sculptural objects, or as fragments of existing human architecture–such as a corner or column. But when submerged in an aquatic environment, these structures will be repurposed by marine creatures: a pillar for humans today is a future penthouse for fish. 

Pink Elements stand as future-ruins turned fish metropoli. Pink Elements can be copied and repeated in any number of formations, adapted to their inhabitants and environment.

Pink Elements is part of the ongoing transdisciplinary research project Deep Sea Minding, commissioned by TBA21- Academy, as a continuation of their program The Current. Deep Sea Minding merges artistic and scientific research in an attempt to reach an alternative understanding of the marine species, ultimately affecting the way we imagine and design our environments and objects. While generating relevant data and increasing awareness of rising sea levels, Deep Sea Minding proposes the creation of structures that could serve the needs and desires of both humans and marine creatures. 

Courtesy of SUPERFLEX and Galería OMR, Mexico City. Photo: Enrique Macías Martínez.

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