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Power Toilets / JPMorgan Chase

A copy of the executives’ restroom in the New York JPMorgan Chase headquarters installed inside the Olympic Restaurant on 115 Delancey Street, New York for public use.

Power Toilets/JPMorgan Chase is created for the exhibition Living as Form, commissioned by Creative Time New York and completed in September 2011.

Photo: Superflex

Living as Form provides a broad look at a vast array of socially engaged practices that appear with increasing regularity in fields ranging from theater to activism, and urban planning to visual art. The project brings together twenty-five curators, documents over 100 artists' projects in a large-scale survey exhibition inside the historic Essex Street Market building, features four new commissions in the surrounding neighborhood, and provides a dynamic online archive of over 350 socially engaged projects.

Living as Form will present four "living" commissioned artist projects located throughout the Lower East Side. Artists Bik Van der Pol, Carolina Caycedo, SUPERFLEX , and Time/Bank (Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle) have each produced a project embodying some of the key tenets of socially engaged art, which will run throughout the exhibition.

The Exhibition is open from September 24–October 16
Thursday–Sunday, 12–8 PM
Address isThe historic Essex Street Market
Southeast corner of Essex and Delancey Streets 
(entrance on Delancey), NYC

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