Tools/Supercopy/Biogas PH5 Lamp (Blackout Version)

Supercopy/Biogas PH5 Lamp (Blackout Version)

When SUPERFLEX created the the Biogas PH5 Lamp it was met with a series of lawsuits and demands of destruction of the lamps.  As a reference to the Cease-and-desist action by lawyers representing the copyright holder concerning the work Supercopy/Biogas PH5 Lamp, SUPERFLEX and Rirkrit Tiravanija made a new blackout version. Making the lamp black is SUPERFLEX' comment on the censorship in question - and underlining the irony in painting a light source black to prevent someone from seeing it.

In 2002 SUPERFLEX modified an original PH5 lamp into a biogas lamp. The Biogas PH5 Lamp is a rethinking of the original concept; to industrially produce lamps to make them accessible for the  general population - adapted for a globalised world.

Photo: Superflex

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