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In autumn 1996, while working on the biogas project for Tanzania, SUPERFLEX met composer and sound designer August Engkilde with whom they shared a common interest in animal acoustics. Together they formed the label SUPERFLEX Music. They produced a series of ‘tool records’ based on animal sounds to be used by djs, turntablists and other musicians. Subsequently, Mikael Brain, Benny Robert Jørgensen and Kruzh'em joined the label, later called Musicsystem. Musicsystem has later released several vinyls with artists such as Patrick Pulsinger, The Seducers, Bjørn Svin and Le Car.

Musicsystem / Ronald Reagan label. Photo: Superflex


 A CD, called Hello DJ!, a seventy-minute soundtrack with animal noises which sound randomly while the DJ is playing his or her set. DJs can put it on, so that the animal sounds interfere with their set. In fact, anyone can use the CD at home while they are listening to the radio.


 A vinyl with a selection of animal sounds from Africa, prepared specifically for DJs to use in their sets. It has mainly been used by hip-hop DJs for scratching, and was made in collaboration with August Engkilde.


 A vinyl with a mix of sounds chosen by DJ Kruzh’em, August Engkilde and SUPERFLEX. It is made up of traditional hip-hop sounds mixed with others that are not often used by DJs.

Other Releases under the label Musicsystem:

MSYSM003 Seducers, The Hardcore Candlelight Dinner (12", EP), 2000 MSYSM004 Funklectric, Exercise In Discretion (12", EP), 2001 MSYSM005 B9, Infiltrator (CD, Album), 2001 MSYSM006 Various Artist Electric (2x12"), 2002 MSYSM007 Elektrazz Elektrouble (CD), 2002 MSYSM008 Various Artist Electric (CD), 2003 MSYSM009 Various Artist Ronald Reagan (12", EP), 2003 MSYSM010 Various Artist Royal Audio Vol. 1 (12", EP), 2003


Sound clip:

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