Supergas is an alternative energy production method and installation work that established SUPERFLEX’ practice. SUPERFLEX began collaborating with European and African engineers in 1996 to construct a simple biogas unit that could produce sufficient gas for the cooking and lightening needs of a family living in rural areas of the Global South. SUPERFLEX installed the first Supergas system at a farm in Tanzania in cooperation with the African organisation SURUDE (Sustainable Rural Development) in 1997. Supergas was presented to the public at the Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in 1998 through video documentation, written statements, campaign paintings, and posters. The same year, SUPERFLEX established the share holding company Supergas A/S to develop the biogas system and actively promote investment in the daily life of families living in rural areas in the Global South. The conceptual strategies and collaborative working methods tested in Supergas activities informed the following decade SUPERFLEX practice.

Tanzania Photo: Superflex

1997 Tanzania - The First Test

In August 1997, SUPERFLEX installed and tested the first Supergas biogas system. The experiment was carried out at a small farm in central Tanzania, in co-operation with the African organisation SURUDE (Sustainable Rural Development). The plant produces approx. 3 cubic metres of gas per day from the dung from 2-3 cattle. This is enough for a family of 8-10 members for cooking purposes and to run one gas lamp in the evening.

1998 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

"SUPERFLEX Biogas in Africa" installation at The Louisiana Exhibition 1997. The results from the pilot installation in Tanzania 1997 were shown in the museum. The museum was a main sponsor of the first biogas installation in Tanzania.

2001 Cambodia

Test carried out in collaboration with UTA University of Tropical Agriculture in Cambodia and Thomas Preston.

2002 Cheing Mai

A new version of the Supergas system, using hard watercontainers, was installed at The Land in Cheing Mai, Thailand.

2007 Zanzibar

Based on the installation in Cheing Mai two new Supergas systems were installed on Zanzibar in collaboration with the organizations "Dantan" and "ZALWEDA". SUPERFLEX helped installing two pilot system – ZALWEDA has been installing several systems since.

2011 Mexico

Development of prototypes of a new design made for mass production in Mexico. The prototypes are done in collaboration with TOA and OPA

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Supergas at Lunds Konsthall















05 Apr
Group Exhibition

Supergas, Emergencies, MUSAC
















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