Tools/The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine

The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine

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Year: 2013

A publication that provides a detailed and typological description of SUPERFLEX's artworks, which they describe as working tools for citizens to use. It also includes an essay co-written by Patric Charpenel and Daniel McClean, as well as a section dedicated to the reflection (speculation) of social and political themes, relevant in the context of economic globalization.

This publication coincides with The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine, a survey exhibition of SUPERFLEX held at Fundación/Colección Jumex, curated by Patrick Charpenel and Daniel McClean.

Photo: Superflex

Title: SUPERFLEX - The Corrupt Show and The Speculative Machine.

Book No. 1: The Corrupt Show (360 pages)
Book No. 2: The Speculative Machine (The Speculative Machine archive)
Insert No. 1: Contracts (8 pages)
Insert No. 2: Supergas. (12 pages)

Editor Patrick Charpenel & Daniel McClean.
Text in english and spanish.

Published by Fundación/Colección Jumex

Distribution: Buchhandlung Walther König


ISBN 978-607-95845-4-2

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