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The Green Island in the Red Sea

In The Green Island in the Red Sea, SUPERFLEX presents the untold history of the robot citizenry of Vallensbæk, a suburban municipality south of Copenhagen.

The film work traces Vallensbæk’s development history to its progressive campaign for a robot-integration policy in the 1970s. Dreaming of a city resilient to the threatening tide of economic crises and populist reforms, the citizens of Vallensbæk adopted policies to integrate robots into the human population thereby securing continuity of political thoughts and lifestyle. 

By presenting a narrative for the trajectory of the past, the filmwork challenges seeming certainties of our present and opens discussion around the prospect of an automated future. The - perhaps - fictional history of securing rights for one city’s robot citizenry raises current and emerging questions around the rights of the robots among us. 

As a society we need to find solutions to how we legally recognise artificial intelligence. We are challenged to secure working conditions in a shifting economy. And we need to investigate how we can integrate automated lifeforms and to which extend.

Perhaps we can look to the robot integration process of Vallensbæk for answers.

The Green Island in the Red Sea was commissioned by DIAS (Digital Interactive Art Space) and first presented as a film installation at the Vallensbæk S-train station. 

Photo: Superflex



Manuscript SUPERFLEX
Camera Johan Schneévoigt
Editor Copenhagen Brains
Production SUPERFLEX Studio
Production manager/development Angela Adeix
Assistant editor Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman
Original soundtrack Black Institute
Research and development Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman & Michelle Ruiz
Audio mix Kruzh'em
Sound technician Kristian Mondrup
Manuscript consultant Olof Olsson

Voice over Rudi Køncke
Robot 1 Rasmus Møller
Robot 2 Pernille Sturup
Robot 3 Tenna Rasmussen
Robot 4 Kim Boldt Rasmussen

SUPERFLEX would like to thank

DIAS/ Rasmus Vestergaard, Julie Tvillinggaard Bonde & Christian Riis Sørensen 
Vallensbæk Kommune

Commisioned by DIAS 2017

Produced with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

Format: 2K cinemascope, color, stereo
Runtime: 13 minutes
Language: Danish
Subtitles: English

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