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The Nursery Garden

Jardin la Nurserie/The Nursery Garden is a collaborative artwork by SUPERFLEX, made for three public hospitals in the French islands of Réunion and Mayotte located in the Indian Ocean. The project aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between different cultures of medicine, challenging the common boundaries between modern and traditional medicine - reintegrating plants, the ’traditional’, into the confines of ‘modern' hospitals.

In each hospital courtyard, a plant nursery and a surrounding garden are built, containing medicinal plants growing on each island. The nursery gardens provide a neutral setting where patients, visitors and hospital staff can meet each other out of their usual habitat. An adaptable design favours this versatility: wooden structures that can be opened and closed, transitioning from a protective intimate greenhouse to a broad public agora. A participative space, where everyone is invited to contribute as a volunteer or by bringing new plants to the collection. As the plants grow larger, they are replanted onto the outer hospital grounds. As the Living Archive grows, local culture and knowledge of the medicinal plants is reinforced and maintained for future generations. As the project grows on the two islands, a bond between the distinct cultures of Mayotte and Réunion is created. 

Jardin la Nurserie/The Nursery Garden was developed with local hospital representatives  acting under 'Les Nouveaux Commanditaires’, a joint initiative by Fondation de France. Designed in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio and landscape architect Sébastien Clément. Partners of The Nursery Garden are: Directorates of Cultural Affairs of Réunion and Mayotte, the Regional Agency for Indian Ocean Health, The University Hospital Centre of Réunion and the Hospital of Mayotte, Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation & Fondation de France.

Photo: Remy Ravon. Saint-Pierre, Réunion

Jardin la Nurserie/The Nursery installed in 3 hospitals on the islands of Réunion and Mayotte:

Saint Denis, Réunion
Mamoudzou, Mayotte
Saint Pierre, Mayotte

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