Tools/Transfer of Work

Transfer of Work

Tagged: economy
Year: 2013

Transfer of Work models the process of labour and the production of value through the gilding and framing of invoices sent to SUPERFLEX by a number of different subcontractors. Some are for instance invoices paid to the lawyers who represented SUPERFLEX in a dispute with La Chemise Lacoste S.A., a hypnotist performing in the film work The Working Life and a graphic designer producing the banners for the announcement of Palestine’s attempt to participate in the Eurovison Song Contest.

The gilding of the invoices is a reference to gold as the single solid source in time of crisis serving as a momentary stop block for financial speculation and collapse. In this process work that has already been done once gets another spin in the value-adding machinery influenced and driven by commodity fetishism, hence creating a new original artwork also portraying the art world and its mechanisms.

Photo: Superflex
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