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Xxxxxxx Xxxxx / Corner (Blackout Version)

Tagged: blackout, copy
In collaboration with: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Year: 2013

A blackout version of the work Xxxxxxx Xxxxx / Corner was made as a reference to the censorship of the original work made for the São Paulo Biennial in 2006 in which even the word GURANÁ was banned from exposure. SUPERFLEX’ mirror corner was first introduced as a Guaraná Power Corner in 2006. The work is referring to the famous installations of Robert Smithsons ‘non-site’ indoor works dealing with the fascination of entropy, the tendency of all structures and energies to lose their integrity. The Xxxxxxx Xxxxx / Corner (Blackout Version), has gone through two times of censorship - coming from the blackout of the Guaraná power brand to a complete blackout of the entire installation.

Photo: Superflex
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