Sound system, Kingston, Jamaica - Superkilen, Copenhagen

The speakers come from a suburb of Kingston, capital of Jamaica. They belong to a local group of DJs gathered around the so-called 'sound system', Body Rock. The sound system culture emerged from the poor Kingston ghettos in the early 1950s when people would start spontaneous street parties by simply setting up a sound system in the street. In the beginning, American Rhythm’n’Blues would be played, but the sound systems quickly began to foster a number of specifically Jamaican genres: Ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, etc. Since then, the genres have become even more diverse, but in the meantime the sound system culture is facing tougher conditions of life. A lower tolerance from the authorities has made it difficult to keep up the street partying which is increasingly relocating to privately owned indoor venues.

The sound system for Superkilen was selected by Niklas and Benjamin, both of whom are rappers. They have been affiliated with Superkilen’s neighbors at the music society Bazar Music Shop, and together with the artist group SUPERFLEX from the Superkilen advisory board they traveled to Jamaica to single out a sound system.


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