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Flagship Shelters

Flagship Shelters / Bottlecollectors VIP

Flagship Shelters / Bottle Collectors VIP.
Roskilde Festival 2016

Flagship Shelters/Bottle Collectors VIP is inspired by three of the most exclusive and prominent fashion stores headquarters in Tokyo designed by super-star architects. SUPERFLEX has interpreted the world-class architecture and downscaled it into shed-size structures made in basic, accesible materials, such as wood and transluscent, plastic canvas.

The shelters will function as exclusive, recreational VIP-lounges for the bottle and refund collectors at the festival, offering a number of accommodating services such as refreshments, internet, charging stations etc. Roskilde Festival has for several years witnessed a conflict between the festival visitors and the bottle collectors. Flagship Shelters/Bottle Collectors VIP is SUPERFLEX artistic processing and examination of this socio-economic conflict. SUPERFLEX seeks to challenge the conventional social and economic structures in society as well as at Roskilde Festival, where the implementation of a wristband hierarchy gives access to different privileges. 

Flagship Shelters/Bottle Collectors VIP is a critical commentary on the growing social and economical inequality. SUPERFLEX reflects on Roskilde Festival as a place where the majority come to listen to music and party, but how there is also a large number of people to whom it is a essential, economic income to collect refund during the festival.

Photo: Torben Eskerod
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